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Professional Web Development Agency Costa Rica

Professional web development agencies

When a company or person decides it is time to get their website up and running, there are many things that must be considered but it all should start with choosing a professional web development agency. The digital era requires every business and every professional to have their own website, simply because if it is…

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Halloween Developers Nightmare

Developer’s Horror Stories

Halloween is here! We went and look for our horror stories book and choose the creepiest and most terrifying ones. We guarantee you’ll get the goosebumps! The Missing Semicolon This fearless and sneaky monster shows up after thousands of code reviews and steals all your sanity! The Software Centipede This nasty creature is the result from the combination…

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Jenkins Server Software Development Company

Do you want to speed up your development cycle? Continuous Integration!

Here at Softon, when we start working with our Digital Team* we start noticing the amount of time wasted to upload changes in our testing environment so QA could start testing the website/app. So we look for ways to improve this non productive time that can be use for development. We decide to add another layer to…

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