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Having been in business for over 16 years, we have fine-tuned our systems and processes to efficiently identify, vet, and shortlist the best candidates for your organization. Our rigorous screening process ensures that we only present candidates who are the right fit for your company.

Softon has built a reputation as a Outsourcing Software Development & Managed Services providing for clients in the USA and Canada.
A Costa Rican based Staff Augmentation company.

Skip the HR mess…

We’ve already done it for you!

Our deep expertise in the Latin American pool of talent, allows us to streamline the hiring process, resulting in a tremendous reduction of time. We are able to quickly onboard the best candidates for your company, typically within just a few days.

Our Process

We do the messy work, so you can focus on building your products




Relevant information about the project
Send Job Description and Relevant information about the project
Talent Sourcing
Talent Sourcing
Matching and Calibrate
Matching and Calibrate
Select your developers
Select your developers
Contracts, payroll and Local Compliance
Contracts, payroll and Local Compliance
KickOff date
KickOff date
Weekly performance Review
Weekly performance Review
Focus on building products or services
Focus on building products or services

We got’em all

Our database contains over 3,000 pre-vetted senior software engineers with expertise in over 100 different skill sets and a strong track record in both technical proficiency and communication skills.

Mobile developers
Back-end developers
Full-Stack developers
Front-end developers
DevOps engineers

Get pre-filtered candidates in 24-72 hours

Let us do the work for you. Our team will provide you with a selection of pre-filtered candidates within 24-72 hours, based on your specific hiring needs.

Why working with Softon

We assist companies in the United States in connecting with highly qualified, fluent English-speaking remote tech talent who are rigorously vetted and able to work within US time zones.

When you grow we grow!

We use the same
tools you use

Flexible team
structures & sizes

Create a team based on
your specific needs

We learn fast and adapt
even faster

We always go
for the best

Trusted by Leading Companies

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Staffing Company in Nebraska

Staffing Company in Nebraska

153 Filtered Candidates

78 Hires

36 Active resources


Critical Mass

57 Filtered Candidates

20 Hires

25 Active resources


One of the largest Marketing, Communication and Digital Transformation Agency in the World


✓ 141 Filtered Candidates
✓ 72 Hires
✓ 35 Active resources


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