Going to the Pros: The Benefits

Many business owners hesitate to hire a web development company to build their websites or create web-based applications for their enterprises mostly because of budget restrictions.

While this is understandable, the real question driving their decision should be, how much businesses and revenue am I losing because I don’t have a well-developed website?

Business cannot afford to have a weak online presence, and today everyone is mobile, this means that to reach your target market you must have an interactive online presence that is constantly evolving to meet your client’s needs.

Small businesses are the ones that have suffered the most because of inefficient websites, most small business owners have created their websites utilizing the tools provided by hosting companies. These types of sites are not visually appealing, they are static, they provide little to no optimization tools, and some are not even mobile compliant. All of this hurts a business’s bottom line.

“Great web development doesn’t have to break the bank, there are cost-effective solutions provided by nearshore companies like ours, we have top of the line developer and graphic design teams that consistently build highly effective website proven to increase any company’s ROI.” Marco Tonti, CEO SoftonITG.

Hiring a nearshore web development agency offers many benefits including:

Cutting Edge Technology

Web development frameworks are constantly improving and innovating when you work with professionals you know you are getting the most up to date technology built into your site.

Experience and Expertise

The Small Business Administration has concluded that most of the business owners who attempt to build their own websites fail at the task. There is a good reason for this, building a mobile-friendly, responsive, engaging website is not easy, it requires a set of skills that most of us don’t have.

Web development agencies specialize in this, so they have the experience and the expertise, additionally because they are submerged into the world of websites they understand the latest trends and can foresee where these trends are heading, this helps them create websites that can stay current for longer periods of time.

They Already Have an Established Process

There’s a lot of planning behind any web development site, have an established process ensures the project advances at an optimal pace, there is no rushing and there is certainly no delaying. Having a process workflow in place is what makes it possible for projects to get completed to specifications and on time.


As mentioned before is the number one deterrent for business owners, it is no secret that web development agencies in the United States and Europe are extremely expensive, a great alternative is to hire a company in a nearby country like Costa Rica, which has a great reputation for technological innovation and most agencies are fully bilingual.

SoftonITG located in San Jose, Costa Rica is a great option for any company looking to build their websites or web applications, they work with the most popular frameworks, and have the experience necessary to help you take your business to the next level.