Digital production matters

Digital Production Matters

The purpose of a marketer has always been to target specific messages to a specific audience at precise moments, with the rise of the digital market, marketers now have the opportunity to reach tens of millions of consumers around the world.

One of the biggest problems pointed out on kingkong.com.au review,  is the high cost and complexity involved in managing all the components of a marketing campaign from the creative aspect, to the production and delivery. Digital marketing is supposed to lower the costs of executing a campaign, however, this is not always the case.

The cost of building in-house digital production capabilities can be very high, and if not done correctly then the marketing efforts suffer from inconsistent presentation, low quality, or poorly optimized campaigns, and missed opportunities in expanding markets or new delivery channels.

Marketers are tasked with the difficult job of maximizing their budgets while building brand recognition, drive growth and deliver tangible ROI, to achieve this it may be necessary to move outside the box. Outsourcing the development and digital production of websites, newsletters, rich media banners, vectorized graphics, and other digital initiatives is the answer that many marketers have been searching for.

When a company chooses to outsource their web development and digital production tasks, they still maintain complete creative control of their brand identity, its marketing strategy, and campaigns. The outsourcer will take that creative guideline and by working closely with the marketing team execute it to the specifications required.

Digital production outsourcing is becoming more popular because it offers benefits that in-house teams simply do not, and these are not limited to budget restrictions. These are some of the advantages of outsourcing digital production:


Hiring a strong web development and digital production company provides marketers with the exact skills and expertise needed when they are required. There is no longer a need to wait for the right candidate to be hired and trained, this individual already works for the outsourcer and is ready to step in when needed.

Scalable and Automated Production Models

According to Marco Tonti, CEO of Softon ITG, the importance of scalability as well as automated production models complete with workflow processes, and well-structured communication paths cannot be overlooked as these provide significant time and cost savings as well as quality improvements.

Working with The Best Technology and A Team of Experts

Web development and digital production companies invest a great deal in growing their staff’s skills and knowledge for several reasons:

1. To retain the talent.
2. To keep up with the exigencies of a complex and ever-changing industry.

It is no secret that technology is in a constant flux, trends change rapidly in a global economy, and solutions that used to work are now outdated and inefficient. Web developers and everyone involved in digital production must constantly learn to use new tools and foresee future trends to stay ahead of the curve.

This constant need for staff re-training can represent a great cost for in-house creative teams, and they risk falling behind and failing to produce the expected results.

By hiring a nearshore outsourcer, you have a guarantee that everyone working on your project is an expert in their respective fields and they are working with innovative technology.

Anyone looking to outsource their digital production should choose an agency that can provide web development, mobile app development as well as Staff Augmentation, and digital production the way Softon ITG does, this will reduce costs and minimize the time spent managing different vendors.